the cold laser technology for 3d curved glass processing is dazzling the whole scene-利来app在线

kmtc will participate in the society for information display 2017 (sid) from may 23 to 25.

kmtc will participate in the society for information display 2017 (sid) from may 23 to 25, and will also participate in the 2017 international display touch application (shenzhen) exhibition (2017 touch china) from june 22 to 24. this exhibition is planned to be classified by product technology, close to the needs of customers and enable visitors to better understand the development of new products. the exhibition is divided into three areas: 3d curved surface area, spray exposure process area and cold laser area. a variety of front / rear mobile phone cover products are displayed.

3d curved glass

through continuous research in recent years, kelisi has become one of the main manufacturers of curved glass in china; major breakthroughs have been made in molding angle, molding difficulty and film sticking process. self developed hot bending mold, glass forming thickness 0.21mm ˜˜ 6mm, forming size ≤ 14.1 ", forming inner diameter r ≥ 5t, mass production from single side bending, double side bending, four side bending, and even unequal height bending.

spray exposure

in addition to being unique in the field of 3d surface forming, kelisi is also the first manufacturer in the industry to introduce spray exposure technology. make the 3d curved surface cover plate product have uniform color / thickness in the curved surface part, showing the characteristics of no bubble and good flatness. the self-developed exposure fixture can increase the exposure by about 8-10 times. it not only improves the product yield, reduces the production cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency.

cold laser

there are obvious bottlenecks in the traditional glass processing process:

1. the process is complex: the traditional grinding process is prone to generate debris, fragmentation and scratches;

2. low efficiency: multiple complicated processes directly lead to difficulties in subsequent processing;

3. low pass rate: the yield / pass rate is lower than 90%;

4. long cycle: the whole processing cycle exceeds 10 minutes;

kelisi now uses the cold laser technology to improve the technical constraints brought by the cnc machine, and adopts the development of intelligent integrated solutions to realize the cold laser processing machine to perform: edge cutting, chamfering and punching / blind hole processing, so as to simplify the process, improve efficiency, improve the yield and shorten the processing cycle.