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automatic laminator

product introduction:
this equipment is an automatic lamination equipment for pcb boards and various auxiliary materials.

product advantages:

1. this equipment is used to automatically stack pcb boards and various auxiliary materials.

2. each moving shaft is controlled by servo motor to ensure the stacking accuracy.

3. ccd positioning system is adopted for pcb board reclaiming to ensure positioning accuracy.

4. it has the function of identifying the front and back sides of the auxiliary material filling film.

5. it has the product and backplane code reading function, automatically binding data and docking mes system.

6. the main materials and auxiliary materials are pre stacked separately to improve the stacking efficiency.

7. perfectly connect the original return line of the customer to realize the automatic return of the bottom plate and automatically grab the return line steel plate for use.

8. plc control unit, with chinese operation surface and user password protection function.

9. the parameters are input and saved by plc control to facilitate debugging. the equipment has sound and light alarm function.

10. the whole equipment adopts high rigid structure to improve the overall stability of the equipment.

product specification:

takt time

ct ≤ 8.2min/copy (16 layers)

power supply specification

three phase 380v / 50hz; 13kw

treatment method:

automatic lamination

air supply specification

0.5 ~ 0.7mpa, dry air source φ 10mm quick plug

machine size


machine operating height


machine weight



plc touch

applicable auxiliary material size



applicable material size


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