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full automatic plate breaking machine

product introduction:
this equipment is used to break the whole aluminum substrate into several small plates.

product advantages:

1. this equipment is used to break the aluminum substrate from pnl material into multiple pcs materials.

2. use horizontal and vertical direction to break the plate to realize pnl to pcs.

3. the feeding is controlled by servo motor to ensure the accuracy of plate breaking.

4. the feeding process is supported by teflon rollers to avoid scratching the materials.

5. plc control unit, with chinese operation surface and user password protection function.

6. the parameters are input and saved by plc control to facilitate debugging. the equipment has sound and light alarm function.

7. the whole equipment adopts high rigid structure to improve the overall stability of the equipment.

product specification:

takt time


power supply specification

single phase 220v / 50hz; 5kw

treatment method:

automatic plate breaking

air supply specification

0.5 ~ 0.7mpa, dry air source φ 10mm quick plug

machine size


machine working height

10 ± 20mm (lower layer)

1310mm ± 20mm (upper layer)

machine weight



plc touch

applicable materials



applicable tray